Reading (posted by Andrea Bambury; 05/03/17)

Behavior (posted by Andrea Bambury; 09/26/16)
Student Bulletin
Dear Parents, You have probably seen a sheet of paper come home titled "Student Bulletin". This is because we are working hard on our AA Manners number 2 & 3. Number 2 states to " listen without interrupting" and number 3 states to "wait your turn". The classes have gotten comfortable and excited which has lead to a lot of blurting out. To remind the students of their manners and to keep track of the blurting I have incorporated the "blurt box". Each time a student blurts out they receive a red card. They write their name on the card and put it in the blurt box. At the end of each class I pull out the red cards and tally the number of "blurts" they had. I write the total number of blurts on a red card and send the letter home (which is the "student bulletin"). If you received this bulletin with a red card attached please talk to your child about this, sign it, and return it the next day. If your child comes home with a green card attached or if it is colored green then that means that your child has done an outstanding job representing AA Manners 2 and 3. They also receive a small treat for keeping the green card and their manners. Thank you for your support with this new procedure!

Math - Saxon 4 (posted by Andrea Bambury; 09/26/16)
Math Textbook
Steps for downloading: Go to and click on Office365. You can log in to Office365 with your student's username and password-- same as last year ( if you don't know it... use Username: and Password: American). Click on the squares in the upper left corner and select SharePoint. Select Student Text Books and then find the Saxon 4 textbook and download. You can now refer to the lesson for reference and see the written practice.

All About Me! (posted by Andrea Bambury; 09/26/16)
Andrea Bambury, Senior Instructor, Ability Groups
Hello! My name is Andrea Bambury and I am super excited to be your child's teacher this year. I moved to Colorado on January 1, 2016. I am originally from Southaven, Mississippi where I spent the past 37 years (my life). Southaven is a town that sits right beside Memphis, Tennessee. I am a Southern girl at heart, and LOVE my SEC college football!!! I am married to Kevin Bambury and we have 2 handsome boys named Collin and Carter. Collin is 16, a junior at Castle View High, and Carter is 6, a first grader at American Academy. My husband received a job transfer from Memphis to Denver, so that is what brought us to Colorado. I absolutely love it here, and only wish we would've moved here a long time ago. This is my first year at American Academy, but not my first year teaching. I taught first and second grade for the past 9 years in the largest school district in Mississippi. I graduated from Crichton College in Memphis, Tennessee with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education K-6. I currently hold a highly qualified professional teaching license for the state of Colorado. I am SO EXCITED to be a part of the American Academy team this year!
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