Welcome to American Academy's Gifted and Talented Page!
Our mission is to promote intellectual, social and emotional growth in the gifted and twice exceptional student population through encouraging student-lead advocacy, providing active support and purposeful education programming and opportunities.

Gifted Program Vision
To develop an exemplary gifted education program that is comprehensive, fluid and adaptable where life-long learning and intellectual pursuits are encouraged, supported and valued.

Gifted Program Goals
1. To build a cohesive peer support group for learning and socialization. 2. To equip and support faculty in their efforts to appropriately differentiate curriculum and instruction for gifted and twice exceptional students. 3. To build a support system for the unique emotional needs of gifted and twice exceptional students. 4. To challenge students in their area of talent on a regular basis. 5. To create partnerships with the wider public that enhance both community life and student-centered objectives. 6. To educate the school community about the gifted in order to remove barriers and to promote understanding.
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