The Role of a Professional School Counselor

The elementary and middle school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for children and adolescents to become healthy, competent, and confident learners. Through a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program, counselors work as a team with students, their families, and AA staff to address the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. School Counselors are specially trained educators with a master's degree in counseling. Support provided can be therapeutic, but the role of a school counselor is not to diagnose or provide therapy. We are able to provide temporary/short-term support to help students overcome acute issues having an impact on their school performance. We are a resource similar to the school nurse in that she can provide screening and band aids but refers out for more serious problems. Licensed mental health counselors are the appropriate resource to provide ongoing therapy sometimes needed by families and children. If there are concerns that need more consistent and comprehensive services beyond one or two meetings, we would be happy to provide resources for nearby therapists and agencies in our community that specialize in helping school-aged children.

Spring Small Group Sign-Ups!
As an essential service of a comprehensive school counseling program, Jamie Shull (MB) and Audrey Miller (CP) will be offering small group counseling sessions for K-8 students beginning the first week in February. Small groups are a fun way for students to learn new skills, further develop self-awareness and confidence, better understand how to effectively handle concerns, and hear from peers that they are not alone. Games, art, music, modeling, role play, and books to learn and practice coping skills. Small groups are short-term and typically meet for 25 minutes for six weeks during the school day. Group topics include separation/divorce, self-esteem, anxiety/stress, and anger/impulse control.
The sign-up deadline for Spring Small Groups has passed. There will be no more small groups available this year. Please email your child's school counselor if you are interested in signing your child up for a Fall Small Group (expected to begin in October 2017).
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