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2nd grade Literacy (posted by Jeanni Fliegel; 05/06/17)
The students and I are enjoying reading the novel, Charlotte's Web. Ask your child about their favorite character and what are some of their characteristics.
Spelling and Phonograms
Spelling/Phonograms lists are to the right (scroll down and look for the date beneath them, as multiple lists may be there). Spelling and Phonogram tests will be given on Thursdays each week (Fridays, if no school on Monday). I will try to post words by Saturday. Please encourage and reinforce basic sight words to be spelled correctly on all their work. See the link on the left-hand side for the Spalding Phonogram app., if you would like it. Thank you. See the download spelling activity choices on the left to choose 3 for homework each week.
The students will be making up a fantasy story of their own based on a silly picture.
Reading Homework
Please have your child read 85 min. a week (even, if it is a short week). 15 min. read aloud to an adult 3 nights a week. Two nights a week have your child do istation by themselves for 20 min. This is very important for progress. (Math does not count for reading, although it is good to have them read the math problems.) Reading Fluency work: Time your child reading from the beginning of the text each day to the end. Read the whole text through and write down how many mistakes and how much time it took them to read the whole passage. Do this 3 times a week. Watch and share with your child their progress in just three times a week.
Please encourage your child to hold their pencil correctly and form the letters correctly. Children enjoy being able to read their own writing and know it is neat. This will be very important as they begin writing sentences and paragraphs and need to work on their writing project over several days. They need to be able to read it the next day and know what they wrote. Thank you for your support!
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