Rockin' the school year in Mrs. Rusten's Music Class (posted by Amanda Rusten; 04/11/17)
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Summer Private Lessons
Are you interested in private lessons for your child over the summer? Ms. Rusten will be teaching instrumental music lessons every Tuesday at the Castle Pines Campus throughout the summer. Instruments include: Piano, orchestral strings (violin, viola, cello, bass), brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn), Woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone), and concert percussion (snare drum, xylophone). Please contact Ms. Rusten for available times and rates today before all slots fill up!
Why should my child learn an instrument? Watch this short video:
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If You Want To Accelerate Brain Development In Children, Teach Them Music
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From Mozart To Mr. Rogers: Literacy, Music And The Brain
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Rotation 7: 4/10-5/5
This week in Kindergarten music, we are going to be reviewing some of our favorite songs from the year as we continue to progress through our piano music. Our goal is to learn two new piano songs this week. It's incredible how fast the kindergartners are cruising to their goal!
1st Grade
America the Beautiful! This week we're going to be learning the history and lyrics to the song "America the Beautiful". In addition, students will be learning about Yankee Doodle, When the Saints Go Marching In, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.... Is it summer yet??
2nd Grade
2nd grade will be taking their music post-assessments this week. But in order to spice up the week a bit, we'll also be learning some old timey music including Clementine, Erie Canal, My Bonnie, and Home on the Range along with some funny parodies based on those tunes. At the end of the week, we'll sing those songs along with others learned throughout the year around a campfire as we "roast" marshmallows! Sounds delicious to me!
3rd Grade
This week 3rd graders will be building original instruments out of found materials. Their goal is to build an instrument that can make three different pitches, that can be heard across the room, and that is unique in design and/or sound. Let's see how many times Ms. Rusten can super glue her fingers together this year...
4th Grade
In addition to their post assessment, 4th grade will be learning songs from various British colonies including Sea Shanties, Irish Folk Songs and basic dance, and Australian folk songs and culture. Favorite songs of the week include: Loch Lomond, John Kanaka, Blow the Man Down, Peg Leg the Pirate, and Waltzing Matilda.
5th Grade
In addition to their post-assessment, 5th graders will work on finishing their original composition based on student artwork and completing their finger picking song on the ukulele (if not completed in trimester 2). Students who complete these assignments will have the opportunity to experiment with electronic music using Soundation!

(posted by Amanda Rusten; 02/27/17)

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