2017 Spring Soirée
Proceeds from Spring Soirée 2017 will be used to support our school’s new endeavor to build a Garden Laboratory, as well as continue our support of the STEM program.
GardenLab Description
The American Academy GardenLab will extend our classrooms into a beautifully landscaped and private outdoor garden, right on our own school property. A natural setting for experiential learning, our GardenLab will feature raised beds of vegetables for eating and flowers for attracting garden-friendly insects and birds, a pond, a worm bed, a compost area, and a bird bath to keep the birds and butterflies coming back. Students will sit under the pergola for shaded instruction and use the greenhouse for experiments, germinating seeds and storing supplies.
While working and learning in the GardenLab, our younger students will learn about garden preparation and science, plants, soils and seeds, and about the variety of life in a garden, large, small and microscopic. Older students will delve into plant diversity, nutrition, sustainability, plant biology, physiology and genetics, and soil composition and its effects on plants. Though all of this knowledge can be acquired in a classroom, it can only be experienced outside. And by experiencing it will all of their senses, students will more effectively synthesize that information as it applies to health and nutrition, earth science, physical science and life science, and possibly even more enhancements as time goes on.
This is the plan for the GardenLab when fully finished.

2016 Fun Run
The money raised from this year’s Fun Run will be used to purchase bleachers for our gym, uniforms for our Athletic department and continue our support to the STEM program.
Bleachers Installed
We needed to wait till our students were out of school, to install the bleachers as the gym is used everyday!
The school had the bleachers installed over Spring Break.

Athletic Department
Our Basketball Teams got their new uniforms as well.

2016 Spring Soiree
We raised an astounding $54,000 in this year's Spring Soiree, all because of YOUR generous donations. Thank you!

2015 Fun Run
Thank you for all of your generous donations. This year we raised 43,500. We will use these funds to purchase additional playground equipment for the students, as well as install acoustics in the gymnasium.
Playground equipment
Flower Climber for KindiePrep playground
Gym Acoustics

The gym acoustics are on order and will be installed as soon as they arrive.

2015 Spring Soiree
In an effort to always provide the best for your students, we will use the $54,000 raised at our Spring Soiree to continue improving our STEM department.
STEM Certificate Program

Our STEM teachers enjoying some training at the Engineering Academy in Washington D.C. over the summer.

2014 Fun Run
Thank you for your help in raising $42, 580 in this year's Fun Run.
KindiePrep Classroom Materials
*Cubby Boxes
*Science tables and materials
*Extra-care Cart
*Listening Centers for each classroom
*Kids computer programs
SMART Boards
This year we were able to purchase and install SMART boards for each of our Kindergarten, Ability Group and Specials classrooms.
Clay Wheels and Kiln for Art Department
The clay wheels and kiln are in the art room and being utilized by all of our students.
Electronic Instruments for Music Department
Students practicing with their new electronic instruments in Ms. Orue's class.

2014 Spring Soiree
Our First Annual Spring Soiree was a smashing success. We were able to raise $55,875. With these donations, we were able to continue to provide the latest technology for our teachers to use in their classrooms.
Speaker Systems for Middle School
All speakers are installed and being utilized by our teachers
STEM Robots
Our 2nd graders enjoying some hands-on experience with the WeDo Robots.

Middle School enjoying their robotics unit.
SMART Boards for Middle School
All Middle School classrooms have been outfitted with their SMART boards and are being used daily in teaching out students.

2013 Fun Run
In our First Annual Fun Run here at American Academy-Parker, you graciously donated $41, 490. With a portion of these funds, we were able to purchase speaker and microphone systems for each of our K-6 classrooms.
Speaker Systems for K-6 classrooms
All systems are in and being utilized by our teachers.
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