The Sound Systems is up and working in the Gym
Testing..1, 2, 3...over Winter Break, a brand new sound system was installed in the Castle Pines campus gym! Many thanks for the generosity of the Castle Pines campus parents who made this possible! The school was able to test the system out during the Spelling Bee on Monday and it works like a dream. And with the new sound padding on the walls (ALSO a contribution from the AAPTO-CP and the CP parents), we look forward to a much-improved audio experience during assemblies. Mr. Middlebrooks, whose Performing Arts students often play in the gym, is also pretty darn pleased...

2015 P3
Certificate Program Professional Development

Certificate Program Equipment and Materials
Items are on-site and being prepared for use.
Physical Science for Early Elementary

Outfit STEM Robotics Lab
Robotics lab is complete and currently in use.

2014 Fun Run
In the 2014 Fun Run we raised funds to purchase and install a climbing wall, update our gym sound system, add instruments to our music program, and provide our students with a green screen to aid in their film making.
Climbing Wall
The climbing wall went up during the school year and it has been a great addition for our students.
Gym Sound System
We are happy to report that Phase 1 is complete! As many of you will recall from our year end report this project became a much more involved task than originally expected. The school was able to work with South Metro Fire to complete the acoustics portion of this project. Many of you have probably already noticed the paneling up around the gym walls and the difference they have made with our ability to hear in the gym.
Phase 2 of this project will be the acquisition and installation of the sound system itself - to be funded by 2015 Fun Run.

Green Screen

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