Spring Bash Ukulele (posted by Sarah Lang; 03/24/17)
Here is the lovely ukulele Ms. Lang painted for the Spring Bash! "A Night in the Woods" by Sarah Lang

Elementary Conference Request (posted by Sarah Lang; 03/24/17)
Elementary Conference Request
please email: slang@aak8.org to request a conference for your child. Thanks!

Rotation 2: 9/19/16 - 10/21/16 (posted by Sarah Lang; 03/24/17)
K-2 CHASE, FLEE, DODGE! On their second rotation, students will be learning techniques of chasing, fleeing, and dodging. We will work on spatial awareness, speeds, changing directions quickly, respect and responsibility. Students will be playing a variety of tag games, as well as incorporate benefits of physical activity. We will also be working on BALANCE: both static and dynamic.
3-5 FITNESS COMPONENTS On their second rotation, students will learn and implement the 5 Health Related Fitness Components (HRFC's). Students will learn about fitness components, fitness character, respect, responsibility, healthy foods and the body, and the importance of hydration. Students will also be running the mile run outside. We will also incorporate NUTRITION COMPONENTS. Students will be utilizing fitness and nutrition components throughout the school year.
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