Sign up to be a Field Day Volunteer! (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 05/05/17)
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Field Day volunteer! Please copy and paste the link below to sign up!

Fitness Testing (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 04/12/17)
Greetings everyone! We are post assessing our scores in all our fitness tests this unit in PE. students will be asked to give their best effort to improve their previous scores in the Mile Run , the Pacer test , the Push Up test and the Curl Up test. For the running tests feel free to bring your own water bottles , inhalers and please make sure to bring the proper shoe attire.

Line Dancing (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 03/09/17)
Line Dancing Unit
Greetings Everyone ! Welcome to the new line dancing unit. Students will learn basic dances such as Macarana ,Chicken Dance, YMCA, R&B dances such as Cupid shuffle , Cha-Cha Slide , Electric Slide , Country line dances and each Grade level gets their own bonus dance .

(posted by Gabe Aguirre; 02/08/17)
Greetings students and parents ! I'm ever so excited to show the difference kids can make by being involved with Jump Rope For Heart and also teach them fundamental skills with jump rope at the same time. Students will learn skills such as bell, skier , heel-toe , x-cross and much more .

Conferences (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 01/09/17)
Conferences Sign Up
Hello! Hope everyone had a great New Year. If any parents feel the need to set up an after school conference with me this Wednesday night please do so VIA email

Basketball Unit (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 01/03/17)
Welcome back ! We'll be kicking off the new year with a unit learning all the fundamental skills of basketball, strategies , and character values associated in game play.

Volleyball Unit (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 11/29/16)
11/28/16- 1/6/16Welcome back students , we are starting a new volleyball unit in Physical Education this week. We will learn a new Volleyball skill each day and several new fun games.

Soccer Unit (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 10/26/16)
10/24/16-11/21/16 Greetings parents and students . We are starting a soccer unit . observing the most popular world wide sport . come to class ready for lots of running , kicking and of course fun!

Conferences (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 10/03/16)
Greetings parents , If you would like to set up a conference this week feel free to reach me via email Also know if your child's grade has been affected by absences they need to turn in a signed make up sheet to get the points back.

New Rotation! (posted by Gabe Aguirre; 09/20/16)
This rotation we are going to be focusing on three fitness tests from our fitness gram , the Pacer, Curl-Up test, and the Push up test . Also this rotation we will be focusing on the basic skills of the sport of American Football.

(posted by Mark Middlebrooks; 08/12/16)

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