Parent Advisory Board
The purpose of the Parent Advisory Board (PAB) is to uphold the mission and vision of the school, as it relates to the parent population. The PAB will respond to parent questions and feedback on school policy and procedures as well as make recommendations to the Board of Directors on behalf of the parent population. For example, the PAB may recommend specific policy changes to the Board of Directors. They may also respond to a request for a recommendation initiated by the Board of Directors.
The Parent Advisory Board consists of up to five voting members, all parents of students currently enrolled in the school. American Academy has one Parent Advisory Board for the Parker campus and one for the Castle Pines campus.
Each of the PAB parents comes from a different background—all have professional experience of some kind, so we know they can accomplish goals in a group setting, and they all obviously enjoy being involved outside the home in some way. But the most important criteria for the PAB members is that they are parents of American Academy students, just like you, and their most important job is to make you feel connected to the operations and the administration of American Academy. Take the opportunity to get to know them when you can! They will be the sounding board for your concerns, and your liasons to the Governing Board, and they will want to get to know the parents they represent as much as possible in the coming year.

Castle Pines PAB Members

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