The First Annual Solo and Small Ensemble Competition (posted by Amanda Rusten; 02/13/17)
Please look under DOWNLOADS to find out who our First Annual Solo and Small Competition Finalists are!

Webpage Directory (posted by Mark Middlebrooks; 09/08/16)
Ms. Orue's Classroom Page
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Ms. Pearo's Classroom Page
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Ms. Rusten's Classroom Page
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Performing Arts - Extra Curricular Activities
For information on our American Academy Performing Arts extracurricular programming, click on "Performing Arts Extra Curricular Activities". From there you may navigate through the links on the left for more specific information including certification programming and elementary programming just for fun!

New Performing Arts Website (posted by Courtney Townley; 11/16/16)
Visit the new AAPA website for the most up to date information on performances, auditions, purchase tickets and much more!
American Academy Performing Arts Website

Performing Arts Program (posted by Mark Middlebrooks; 11/16/16)
Students desiring to graduate from American Academy with a certificate in performing arts will formally enroll in a chosen track starting as early as 5th grade and follow that track to the completion of certification requirements as outlined.
Enrollment is open to students of American Academy only and begins on July 1st of each school year. To facilitate programming, students should enroll no later than August 15th of each school year. Students in grades 5-8 who are interested in enrolling in a track for performing arts in Theatre, Instrumental, or Voice tracks, must complete the enrollment forms and submit the $50 annual enrollment fee on the school store.
Course enrollments will occur throughout the year in 4 sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). If less than 10 students enroll for a track or any given performing arts courses, the course may be cancelled and a refund issued. Otherwise, enrollment and participation fees are non-refundable. Upon receipt of the enrollment form, appointments may be scheduled with a Performing Arts staff member who will help advise the student as to which courses to complete, potential substitutions, or alternative possibilities to help complete requirements. Students should strive to complete as much course work as possible, through AAPA offerings as opposed to substitutions.
Event Calendar
Dec 2, 3
Middle School Play Performance