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How to "study" for math! (posted by Erika Smith; 08/16/16)
Homework is your best study guide.
Practice, practice, practice! By far the best way to do well on assessments is to know the material well. The quality of your practice defines the depth of your questions. When you learn from your mistakes and ask good questions the information will help you continue to do well. Don't worry about making mistakes - just learn from every question.
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What can I do when I have trouble with homework questions?
RESOURCES - 1st - Review your class notes and try to apply the idea to the homework question. - 2nd - use the lesson number listed by the question in your text book to look at the lesson that covers the material. - 3rd - Look in the Course 2 OneNotes file under the "Reteaching" tab and select the lesson corresponding with the question. These documents match your text book and will help you relearn/review the content. - 4th - Ask the instructor for assistance before school the next morning. Ms. Smith is typically available after 7:30 for help with homework questions. - 5th - Use a solution manual or solution application such as Wolfram Alpha to get an idea how to answer the question. Be sure you don't copy the work but use it to learn how to work through the question. In general, don't do an internet search for an mathematical process. You will get too much information and the depth of detail is usually way beyond the scope of your middle school course. You may find helpful information using on of the resources listed below but use these as your last resort and not the first step problem solving: Purplemath.com IXL Wolframalpha.com kahnacademy.org
Prepare for Tests
Before each assessment students should review their homework. Look over the questions you got correct but focus on the questions you missed. You should have added notes when you graded the assignment in class. TRY THE QUESTION AGAIN and make sure that you adjusted your approach before you get to the test.
When can I get help?
Ms. Smith is available to answer quick questions before school usually about 7:30 most mornings. This is a good time to pop in with one or two questions. Lunch Tuesdays - Course 2 extra help session Lunch Thursdays - Geometry extra help session After school by appointment. Email or speak to Ms. Smith to set-up extra help.

Getting to know you... (posted by Erika Smith; 08/12/16)
Getting to know you...
Hello, I am Ms. Erika Smith, a Senior Mathematics Instructor at Parker campus of American Academy. I came to AA after teaching high school for 25 years in Colorado, Hawaii, California and Virginia. My adventures and travels brought me back to Colorado about 15 years ago.
I am a bit of an adrenaline junky and love things like sky diving, body surfing, glass blowing and riding my motorcycle with my husband, Bill.
Getting to know my students in class helps me use their interests and activities for examples for how to use math concepts in real life. The more we can get students to see math as a descriptor of the world around them the better they will understand the concepts and be able to apply them in the future. I have a real life story for just about every concept and use situations to help students recall ideas. The best part is that sometimes the students don't even know they are learning math. :)
Things that I enjoy...
We eat out a lot, usually at better restaurants but occasionally fast casual food sounds good too. I think food should be an experience and eating together should be a social activity for everyone.
I enjoy gardening and try to grow lots of colorful flowers in my garden. I have had some luck growing orchids in the house too.
After working at movie theaters through high school and college I thoroughly enjoy loosing myself at the movies, although time constraints don't allow me to make it very often.
My three dogs keep me busy on weekends taking walks and going to the park as often as possible. They are all getting old however and I am learning about the aging process first hand.
Craft work like hand made jewelry and beading gives me a creative outlet. I enjoy painting, but I am not very good. Anything glass captures my interest. I love the many forms of glass that can be and have done stained glass as well as hot glass work learning to do lamp work and glass blowing.
I see math in all of it. I know that makes me a bit of a math geek but in a positive way. I'd like to see all of the students develop a little bit of math geek in themselves.
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