(posted by Victoria McDaniel; 03/15/17)
Here is the ukulele I painted for the Spring Bash! Please bid on it to raise money for American Academy! Thank you!

(posted by Victoria McDaniel; 08/21/16)
Welcome to Mrs. McDaniel's Life Science Class!
Why study Life Science? Well, because Life Science studies life!
You may not notice, but life is all around you. Go for a walk on a beautiful spring day and stop to smell a flower or watch birds fly in the sky or hear an owl in a tree. Everywhere you go there is life, some so small that you would need a microscope to see it.
Plants, animals, human beings, and even tiny microorganisms are all living things. There are many different branches of Life Science that study living things and their environments including:
BIOLOGY = study of life
MICROBIOLOGY = study of bacteria and protists
BOTANY = study of plants
TAXONOMY = study of classification of living organisms
GENETICS = study of inheritance of traits
ECOLOGY = study of interactions between organisms and their environment
We will be exploring all of these branches of Life Science this year and more!
So, let’s get busy! It will be an AMAZING year of learning and fun!
*REMEMBER all assignments and due dates are listed in INFINITE CAMPUS.
We use ONE NOTE in Life Science, which is like an online notebook. You can access all Life Science class notes, vocabulary, focus questions, activities, simulations, videos, and more.
I encourage students and their parents to use this to access Life Science information at any time to keep up with what we cover in class and prepare for assignments, quizzes and tests.

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