8TH GRADE HISTORY CURRENT UNIT (posted by Mark Leadbetter; 08/21/16)
Our first unit! We will focus on the Constitution of the United States of American for the beginning of the year. With a national election taking place in November, our 8th graders will start to understand the inner workings of our government. Be on the lookout and start preparing for your end of the unit test in the fall.
I hope you are all having a great summer! Within the first weeks back to school, students will be responsible for filling in two separate maps. One map will be of Asia and one map will be of Europe. Students will receive the maps with outlines of the countries and they are responsible for correctly naming and spelling the appropriate countries for each of those continents. On the left hand side of this page are several Sporcle links that will help students study. The tests will be very similar to these study aids, so use them!
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