Algebra Chapter 3 (posted by Amanda Gray; 10/24/16)
Algebra Chapter 3
Students are diving into linear functions. We are learning various forms for a line, such as Standard Form and Slope-Intercept Form. We are quickly approaching our first quiz which will be on Thursday, Oct 27. If all ends well, we will be taking our test on Friday, Nov 4. As always, make sure to check OneNote for class notes, handouts and reteaching guides.

Geometry Chapter 3 (posted by Amanda Gray; 10/24/16)
Geometry Chapter 3
Students are just completing our latest chapter on Congruent Triangles. We are becoming more comfortable with longer 2-column proofs and adding to our toolbox of postulates and theorems. Our test will be a 2 day test, which will include 1 day for triangle calculations and a second day dedicated to proofs. After that, we begin our study of Lines in the Plane.

Algebra (posted by Amanda Gray; 10/24/16)
Students are working hard on our 2nd Algebra chapter about Linear Equations. We will be taking a mid-chapter quiz on Wednesday, Sept 28. After that, the chapter test will be on October 6. Remember to stop by my room before homeroom with questions. Plus, check OneNote often for the calendar, solutions to study guides and lesson notes.

Geometry (posted by Amanda Gray; 10/24/16)
We are quickly coming to a close on our 2nd chapter in Geometry. Students are working on Basic Proofs and Concepts. The test will be on Wednesday. Students are currently working on review questions and will be playing Jeopardy on Tuesday! Next up, is Chapter 3 about Congruent Triangles. Remember to check OneNote for the calendar and lesson notes!

Welcome (posted by Amanda Gray; 10/24/16)
New School Year
Welcome to a new school year. I am excited to get started and I hope you are as well. This year I will be teaching Algebra and Geometry. As always, please reach out early if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise I look forward to working with each of you on some very tough concepts ahead.
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