Rest of the Trimester (posted by Madison Flatt; 10/21/16)
Hello again! I hope that everyone had a wonderful fall break! In ELA we are as busy as ever! The students have just finished their Greek myths unit and have started The Odyssey. They will finish this exciting novel right before the end of the trimester. The students have a final assessment on summary writing next week and will begin their argumentative essay unit. In this assignment, the students will ask their parents for something that they want, and the goal of their essay is to persuade their parents to give them what they want. (Let me know if you all end up getting new puppies or going on vacations!) This is the student's largest writing assignment for this trimester, and we will be breaking up the essay and working on it paragraph by paragraph. This is always a fun assignment for the students, and I look forward to reading everyone's essays!

What are we up to? (posted by Madison Flatt; 09/26/16)
Hello everyone! Right now in 6th grade English we are just wrapping up our Greek Myths unit. The students have their final test for this unit on Friday, 9/30. After this unit, we will be starting The Odyssey, which will be quite an adventure (no pun intended)! We are done with our spelling unit for the year and are onto Greek and Latin roots. By knowing common Greek and Latin roots, students will be able to figure out the meaning of new words that contain those roots. The students just finished their review of 5 paragraph essay format and are beginning a unit on summary writing. In this unit, they will practice finding the main idea of a text and writing a paragraph summary about the text. It is hard to believe that we are almost into October! Everyone is working hard, and I know that we are all looking forward to Fall Break!

Handouts (posted by Madison Flatt; 08/20/16)
Hello new 6th grade students! It was so nice finally meeting all of you last week. I can tell we are going to have a great time together in English Language Arts. I have posted the Middle School Policies and Procedures as well as my class syllabus under the downloads section of my webpage. Please remember to bring both of these signed by you as well as by a guardian to class on Wednesday, 8/24.
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