8th grade news (posted by April Finney; 01/18/17)
We have begun reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Through the perspective of the precocious narrator, Scout, students will explore the ideas of social and racial inequality, the importance of family and community, and the idea that doing the right thing is often hard.
While reading To Kill a Mockingbird, students will be conducting research, gathering data, and writing research papers aligned with themes from the novel. We will continue to work on grammar skills related to the writing of research papers.

7th grade news (posted by April Finney; 01/18/17)
We are beginning a new novel, Angel on the Square by Gloria Whelan. This historical fiction novel will explore the life of young Katya as her family lives through the years leading up to the Russian Revolution. We will focus specifically on using context clues for vocabulary in this unit, and tracing text evidence of how the main character changes throughout the novel. Student can expect an increased level of independent reading for this novel.
Students will be composing persuasive essays this semester. Each student has chosen a topic to focus on. Writers will be learning how to craft a persuasive essay using logic, emotion, and rebuttal arguments.

6th grade news (posted by April Finney; 01/18/17)
We are currently reading Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in 6th grade. We will be exploring the ideas of loyalty, betrayal, leadership, and the supernatural throughout the play.
Students will also be learning Latin root words, and examining English words that are derived from the Latin roots.
In writing, we are finishing publishing our personal narratives, and will begin working on our next essay; compare and contrast.
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