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Construction Update - 6-21-17 (posted by Trish Cummings; 06/21/17)
It's starting to look like American Academy, inside and out!

Construction Update - 6-1-2-17 (posted by Trish Cummings; 06/02/17)
Is that yellow paint you see on the classroom walls? Yup! The construction process for a building this big moves along in stages, so some areas are still getting insulation and drywall, and some are already getting paint.

Construction Update - 5-31-17 (posted by Trish Cummings; 05/31/17)
Due to a last-minute change made by the state, we will be moving the first day of school for the Lincoln Meadows campus to September 5 (the day after Labor Day). Changes like this aren't all that unusual for big construction projects, though good contractors like ours (Haselden Construction) do everything possible to anticipate and avoid such possibilities. Unfortunately, small changes can have a domino effect in construction, and in our case, the required changes will push us unavoidably outside our original estimated date of completion.

The good news is that, other than the new opening date, the Lincoln Meadows school year will not be dramatically affected (download the NEW Lincoln Meadows 2017-2018 school year calendar). We are waiting for final DCSD approval of our bell schedule later this week, but don't anticipate any major changes there. The only other date change to note is that the first NO SCHOOL for K-1 ONLY for testing day has been moved to September 12. Otherwise, Lincoln Meadows will share the same school year calendar with the other two campuses, including the same Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break dates.

We know this change may represent an inconvenience for some of our new American Academy - Lincoln Meadows parents, and we sincerely apologize. But we have every confidence in our amazing construction crew. They are still making unbelievable progress every day and we promise to keep you updated as we get closer to our new open date on September 5!

Construction Update - 5-23-17 (posted by Trish Cummings; 05/23/17)
Exterior framing is complete and now the fun begins! Windows and doors are all in, drywall is going up, electrical and mechanical systems are starting to fill in, and rooms, hallways and stairways are taking shape all over the building. We even have exterior siding and brick going up!

Construction Update - 3/7/2017 (posted by Trish Cummings; 03/07/17)
We're going vertical! That means that the first structural steel for walls is going in and going up. They're still pouring foundation concrete in some sections (and will be for a while) but now we're making all kinds of progress in the vertical direction. Exciting!

Construction Update - 2/27/2017 (posted by Trish Cummings; 02/28/17)
In spite of the wintry weather lately, things are coming right along! In the photos below the crew is getting ready for, and then pouring and troweling, "slab on grade." That's fancy construction-speak for putting down and smoothing off the concrete foundation of the building. The last section is scheduled to be poured this week and then...walls!

(posted by Trish Cummings; 02/28/17)

Construction Update - 2/1/2017 (posted by Trish Cummings; 02/28/17)
Construction is in full swing at the American Academy - Lincoln Meadows campus right now with crews working through cold and some epic wind to stay on schedule for our August opening. Spread footings are being poured and conduit for electrical, phone, etc. laid. And of course, there is the digging and more digging..

Construction Update - 1/11/2017 (posted by Trish Cummings; 02/28/17)

Groundbreaking! - 12/2/2017 (posted by Trish Cummings; 02/28/17)
It's official -- we've broken ground on American Academy campus number 3! American Academy- Lincoln Meadows will open its doors in the fall of 2017. The lottery for 2017-2018 enrollment will run on December 5.

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