Welcome to My Class! (posted by Sooni Burton; 09/16/16)
I can't wait to get to know each of my students this year! A personal relationship with my students is the best way for me to personalize instruction based on their individual needs. It is my goal to make learning fun and engaging. I look forward to a great year in Kindergarten!

Overall, reading fluency is important because... (posted by Sooni Burton; 09/16/16)
(a) improving reading fluency is necessary to improve reading comprehension, and (b) fluent readers are more likely to choose to read. Also worth noting, an extensive amount of research shows that a student's scores on reading fluency assessments help teachers to predict that student's likelihood of success on other meaningful measures of reading, such as comprehensive assessments of reading comprehension. Developing reading fluency is also important because fluent readers are more likely to choose to read. Therefore, as a student becomes a fluent reader, this fluency positively influences the likelihood that she will choose to read.
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Read with your child, not to them... (posted by Sooni Burton; 09/16/16)
Reading with your child is the key to building a child’s literacy skills. Emergent literacy begins at birth and continues through preschool and kindergarten. Experts encourage parents to get children excited about reading. Engaging the child means figuring out what the child is thinking and getting them to think beyond the words written on the page. While reading with them, anticipate what children are thinking. Then ask questions, offer instruction, provide examples and give them some feedback about what they are thinking, they say.
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AA Grading Policy (posted by Sooni Burton; 09/16/16)
Late assignments in grades kindergarten through third are marked 10% off the first day late, 20% off the second day late, and 50% off if not turned within 5 days. After 5 days, no credit will be received
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