IT Support (posted by Cara Black; 07/08/15)
The IT Department is available to support the students with their One2One laptop via email and personal support during school hours.
If you are experiencing issues, please send an email to

Saving a File to OneDrive (posted by Cara Black; 12/14/16)
Students should save all of their files to their Microsoft OneDrive (Office 365) student folder; they should not save files anywhere on the local hard drive of the laptop (C Drive, Desktop, Documents folder, Downloads folder, Pictures folder, etc).
To save to Office365 student folder while working in an application, students should do the following: Click FILE > SAVE AS > ONEDRIVE - AMERICAN ACADEMY > BROWSE > DOCUMENTS (double-click on DOCUMENTS). If desired, double-click on a subfolder within the student folder in which you wish to save the file. Type the File Name as directed. Click SAVE.

Setup Student Email on a Mobile Device (posted by Cara Black; 07/08/15)
AA Student email accounts can be setup on any mobile device such as a Smart Phone or Tablet.
Click here to view procedures to setup a student's email on a mobile device.

Check Student EMail or Access One Drive Files from Any Device (posted by Cara Black; 12/14/16)
1. From the mobile device, open the Internet Browser.
2. Go to the webpage
3. Click the OFFICE 365 button
4. Enter the student’s email address ( and enter the student’s password (6 digit student ID)
5. Click the APPS icon (waffle icon) located in the top left corner. Click MAIL. The student’s Inbox will appear.
6. Click the APPS icon (waffle icon) located in the top left corner. Click ONEDRIVE. The student's files will appear. Files can be opened and edited in the full version of the Microsoft applications.
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