Welcome Back (posted by Jean Mercy; 08/30/16)
Welcome to 4th Grade! Below you will find general information about what we are doing in each of my classes. For specific assignment due dates or grades, please refer to Infinite Campus. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at: jmercy@aak8.org.

Math (posted by Jean Mercy; 08/30/16)
Your student should expect to have math homework every night, except on test days. There will rarely be homework given on Fridays. Along with their regular homework, students need to be studying their math vocabulary each night. The most recent vocabulary sheets have been glued into the students Math Journals. Students are encouraged to take their Journals home each night to study from. Please refer to IC for specific homework, quiz, and test dates.

(posted by Jean Mercy; 08/30/16)
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