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4th grade Literacy (posted by Jeanni Fliegel; 04/30/17)
We have begun reading Gulliver's Travels. Ask your child what type of book this is? Have your child tell you about the strange lands Gulliver visits and what happens in each one.
Thank you for partnering with us supporting your child with their homework. Homework will normally be given on Fridays due the next Friday. Homework is pretty much the same each week. 15 min. of reading aloud 3 days a week. The other two days, do 20 min. of istation practice. Spelling and Phonogram Tests are on Thursdays unless there is no school on Monday, then they will be on Fridays. See the list to the right that corresponds with the correct week.
Spelling and Phonograms
Spelling and Phonogram lists are to the right. Scroll down and look for the correct date. Tests are on Thursdays unless there is no school on the Monday of the week, then they are on Fridays.
We are continuing to practice cursive letters. The students should be writing in cursive most all of the time now. Please help them connect their letters correctly on homework assignments.

Saxon 5 4th grade Math (posted by Jeanni Fliegel; 09/05/16)
Downloading Math Textbook
I highly recommend you download the textbook so your child will not have to bring home the heavy book and so you will have it anytime you need it. Here are the steps to download: 1. Go to aak8.org 2. Click the OFFICE 365 quick link button 3. Login using your student’s email address and password (6 digit student ID #) – if you do not know that information, please login using textbooks@aak8.org and American as the password 4. Click the “waffle” icon in the top left corner 5. Select SHAREPOINT 6. Click STUDENT TEXTBOOKS on the left hand side 7. All textbooks are listed – click on the respective folder 8. Right-Click on the 3 dots next to the book file name 9. Select DOWNLOAD
Assignments: Always look in your student's planner for their math assignment. You can see them on Infinite Campus, too. If there is a discrepancy between the planner and Infinite Campus, go with the planner because some days we need to adapt. Your child will be given the blank math answer sheet to do their math on each day... but if your child forgets it at school... just use regular paper. Your child's assignment includes 3 items: Textbook Lesson or Worksheet; Study Math Vocab. and Practice Math Facts each day for a few minutes.
Parents, thank you for partnering with me to help your child have math homework success. NOTE: The students have a Separate Red Math folder. Please have your child bring it back and forth to school each day. Please sign the math homework each night, checking that your child has completed it. You are more than welcome to check their work and help them, if they are struggling. You are not required to correct their math. Late Homework: 10% off the first day late, 50% the 2nd day, after that, it is a zero. I will still require them to turn it in for the math practice. Thank you.
Math Vocabulary and Facts
Math Facts are very important to speed up their skills they are constantly building on. Please time and correct their math facts half sheet that is included in their read math folder. Fill out the log sheet for that day. Thank you for helping your child master their very important math facts. Math vocab. is also very important for understanding and communicating math concepts. Math Vocab. tests are every few weeks on Fridays. The students are given the vocab. study sheet two weeks before each test. They are in the plastic sleeve in their red math folder. Please have them study this about 3 min. each weekday. There is a word bank on the quiz. The Quiz may have definitions and practical application questions to demonstrate the meaning of the word.
Attention to Detail
Saxon 5 often has problems that require more than one step and more than one answer. We work very hard learning attention to detail this year. Students are deducted on their work for not having units (if needed) or if they did not answer the question completely. We emphasize the importance of this in 4th grade. i.e. There is a big difference between feet and centimeters. These skills will help them immensely in math and science. On tests, I will give partial credit. But on homework (worth only 20%) each question must be complete to get credit. Homework is the practice! Thank you for helping with attention to detail
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