PARCC Practice Test - Math (posted by Jennifer Gay; 03/16/17)

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 02/28/17)
Talk to your family about your favorite and least favorite aspects of yard work and gardening. Is there any special feature in your yard at home? Be prepared to describe it.

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 02/14/17)
Discuss a time when you've had a secret. Was it hard to keep the information to yourself? How did you feel about keeping the secret? Did you maintain secrecy, or spill the beans?

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 02/05/17)
Ask your parents about a family story that has been passed down about how something in your family came to be.

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 01/30/17)
As a family, think about all the books, movies, and short stories you know where the character wakes up to find out it was all a dream.

Table Topic Wednesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 01/24/17)
Tell your parents about the many different love triangles in AMND. Ask them if they were ever unlucky in love when they were youths.

Table Topic Tuesday: 1-10-17 (posted by Jennifer Gay; 01/10/17)
Talk to your family about a time that any of you enjoyed a few minutes of "fame." What was the situation? How did it make one of you famous?

News Writing Article (posted by Jennifer Gay; 01/08/17)

News Writing Notes (posted by Jennifer Gay; 01/08/17)

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 11/29/16)
Today, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has become known as Giving Tuesday. Discuss some ways you and your family give back to the community or how you could give back to the community in the future. Discuss why it is so important to "give back" to your community.
Giving Tuesday 2016

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 11/15/16)
What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 10/25/16)
What are your favorite Halloween/fall traditions? Are any of your traditions multi-generational (passed down from parents, grandparents or great-grandparents)?

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 10/17/16)
Should negative political ads be allowed when people are running for office?

Learning Preferences Assessment (posted by Jennifer Gay; 10/17/16)
This is an interesting way to find out one way you might prefer to learn/study information!
Learning Preference Assessment

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 10/03/16)
In class we are reading about Don Quixote, a man of high ideals but little common sense. Tell your parents what behavior this leads to and decide if you can think of a current event that fits this description.

Don Quixote Video (posted by Jennifer Gay; 09/29/16)

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 09/26/16)
If you had to pick an animal that represented your whole family, what would you pick and why?

Table Topic Tuesday 9/20 (posted by Jennifer Gay; 09/19/16)
If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Explain your answer.

Hake Password Update (posted by Krystal Taylor; 09/15/16)

Table Topic Tuesday (posted by Jennifer Gay; 09/12/16)
Table topic for Tuesday, September 13: Tell a tall tale about something you've experienced. Embellish and exaggerate the details!

Table Topic Tuesdays (posted by Jennifer Gay; 09/02/16)
Starting Tuesday, September 6, my Literacy students will arrive home with a discussion topic for the dinner table. Your discussions at home will lead to journal entries and classroom discussions on Wednesday at school. Thank you in advance for honoring this discussion time with your child.

Welcome! (posted by Jennifer Gay; 08/29/16)
Welcome to my 5th grade class! On this page you will find information specific to our class. I will post links related to our curriculum and post messages important to parents and students. If I have specific requests for our classroom, I will post them on this page. I am looking forward to an incredible year of learning!
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