A.C.E. Show was a Huge Hit! (posted by David Condry; 05/07/17)
A huge thank you to all who came to support and help out with our big art show, and especially to each and every one of my K5 art geniuses! YOU made this show AMAZING! Can't wait till next year :-)
Missing Art?
If you couldn't find your or your art genius' artwork at the art show, please email me and let me know the name, grade, and homeroom of the artist and I'll get to the bottom of this as best and as quickly as I can!

Memory Lane: All Art Units for 2017 (posted by David Condry; 04/18/17)
If your art genius misses out on D.Y.O.P (design your own project - read above) week for some reason, please just have them create their own artwork that applies ANY of the lessons they learned from me this year. You could hand me the work or just email me a picture of it. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, your art genius should look at the below images for inspiration. It's all of our projects for the whole year so far, K through 5!
5th Grade
week 1: Aliens and Astronauts; week 2: Wassily Kandinsky Abstract Drawings; week 3: Atmospheric Perspective (trees); week 4: One-Point Perspective; week 5: Realistic Eye Drawings (shading); week 6: Renaissance Mugs and Baroque Sculptures (detail and drama); week 7: Van Gogh Colorado Landscapes on Canvas Panel.
4th Grade
week 1: Aliens and Astronauts; week 2: Chinese Silk Scrolls (birds); week 3: Sub-Saharan African Masks; week 4: Book of Kells Style Illuminated Manuscripts (medieval art); week 5: Middle Eastern Style Illuminated Manuscripts; week 6: Medieval Mugs (coats of arms) or Sub-Saharan Style Sculptures (expressing a belief); week 7: Stained-Glass Style Paintings.
3rd Grade
week 1: Aliens and Astronauts; week 2: Texture Turtles; week 3: Henri Matisse Guitars (drawing with scissors -- painted paper collages); week 4: Kalamkari Fabric Paintings (trees); week 5: Zentangle Colorado Flags; week 6: 3-D Turtles; week 7: 3D-looking Violins (illusionistic pencil and charcoal drawings).
2nd Grade
week 1: Aliens and Astronauts; week 2: Gogh Denver! (cityscapes) ; week 3: Realistic Trees (cast shadow); week 4: Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers (semi-abstract); week 5: Cubist Creatures (semi-abstract in Picasso's style); week 6: Picasso Faces (sculptures); week 7: Paul Klee Style Paintings (totally abstract).
1st Grade
week 1: Aliens and Astronauts; week 2: Van Gogh Flowers; week 3: Color Wheel Bugs; week 4: King Tut Paintings; week 5: Primary Color Lightbulbs (mixing secondary colors); week 6: Pinch Pot Monsters; week 7: Bighorn Sheep Paintings!
week 1: Aliens and Astronauts; week 2: Rainbow Fish (warm and cool colors); week 3: Joan Mirobots (drawing with shapes and lines); week 4: Matisse Flowers; week 5: Colors of Emotion; week 6: Fish Sculptures; week 7: Cave Painting Robots!
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